Pure, by choice.
New, conscious, clear beauty in its most pristine essence.

Pure Beauty is the concrete example of how Astra Make-Up interprets sustainability, through a green and innovative product to be offered to customers.

The collection, derived from more than 2 years of research, includes an exclusive range of eco-friendly cosmetics, with over 90% of ingredients of natural origin and is designed to enhance authentic and genuine beauty.

Pure Beauty Mosaic Face Powder

Universal face powder
A mosaic of earthy colours and vitamin shades that flatter any complexion. Its ultra-silky texture glides onto the skin, leaving it smooth, even and invigorating it with a natural tan glow.Dermatologically tested.

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Pure Beauty Eyes Palette

Eyes palette
Soft, harmonious hues such as mallow petals and mineral benefits for eyes imbued with purity. The Pure Beauty Eyes Palette contains nine matte and shimmer eyeshadows with a creamy, easy- to-apply texture.
Ophthalmologically tested.

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Pure Beauty Juicy Lip Oil

Lip Oil
A dense, rich and melting formula for an oil that slides lightly on the lips, preserving their hydration for a long time and coating them with a thin layer of colour.
Dermatologically tested.

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Pure Beauty Volumizing Mascara

Voluminzing Mascara
Instantly volumized and strengthened eyelashes: Pure Beauty Volumizing Mascara contains natural sunflower, rice and chamomile waxes.
Ophthalmologically tested.

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Pure Beauty Face Primer

Toned face base
A precious fresh gel with a velvety touch. Pure Beauty Face Primer is a toned face base to chromatically conceal any discolouration. Formulated with 97% of ingredients of natural origin, it contains distilled floral waters and hyaluronic acid.
Dermatologically tested. Non-comedogenic.

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Pure Beauty Eye Pencil

Eyes Pencil
With its incredibly soft and creamy texture, Pure Beauty Eye Pencil guarantees excellent colour release with a single application and a feeling of extreme comfort.
Ophthalmologically tested.

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Be pure, be you

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