My-Gienic has been developed to sanitise and cleanse your hands thoroughly: designed to act quickly and to be used without water, this transparent, immediately effective gel is enriched with Chlorhexidine, with well-known antibacterial properties and sanitising alcohol.

It promotes the reduction of germs and bacteria on the skin of the hands, while guaranteeing moisturisation thanks to the Vitamin E and Glycerine. The latter, well-known as a formidable humectant, makes it possible to protect from dehydration and the annoying sensation of dryness caused by the use of sanitising products.

Its formidable transparent gel texture slides on your hands leaving them soft and smooth, without persistent smells or making them sticky, for an unrivalled comfort sensation.

Handy and compact, My-Gienic is the perfect ally in any situation where you need to disinfect your hands.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: rub the product on your hands until fully absorbed.
WARNING: for external use only. Do not apply on injured skin. Keep away from the reach of children. Alcohol-based product, keep away from sources of light and heat.

Safety, efficacy, self-care

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