Eden Escape is a hymn to the thriving prison which you do not want to escape from, immersed in an atmosphere that is perpetually poised between good and evil, distinguished by ruthless and evanescent beauty. An oasis inhabited by human passions, divine feelings and diabolical perversions.

The collection consists of a multifaceted eye palette and two precious face palettes.

A jungle full of pulsating holographic golden flowers, such as the heavenly gate of Eden, opens up to reveal the countless souls of the otherworldly garden.

Eden Escape Eyeshadow Palette contains 15 unique colours in a range of 4 different textures:

• Sensational Mat, completely opaque;
• Glorious Metal, distinguished by fine reflective pearls;
• Firework, with extraordinary pearly effect;
• Ethereal, powders with a transparent base, characterised by an evident duochrome reflection.

The mauve hardcover packaging is enriched by a full size mirror and the names of every eyeshadow.
The multi-coloured reflections of the golden print recall the nuances contained within the palette.

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Stone Garden
Grey - dark brown.
Sensational Mat

Duck egg blue enriched by an intense golden reflection.

Snake Skin
Intense Persian green.
Sensational Mat

Jade green enriched with evident gold micro-sparkles.

Neutral dull coral.
Sensational Mat

Top coat with fuchsia reflections and lilac micro-sparkles.
Sensational Mat

Crimson red with an intense fuchsia reflection.
Glorious Metal

First Bite
Crimson red with an intense fuchsia reflection.
Sensational Mat

Rose gold with a delicate undefined reflection.

Medium - light neutral hazelnut.
Sensational Mat

Paradise Lost
Intense black cherry.
Sensational Mat

Electric cherry red.
Sensational Mat

Original Sin
Pompeian red enriched with gold micro-sparkles.
Glorious Metal

Hard Candy
Neutral desaturated mauve.
Sensational Mat

Top coat with a surprising blue and strawberry duochrome reflection.

The crystalline geometry of the Eden gates, recalled by the elegant rose gold frame, contains precious and luminescent powders, capable of conferring the brilliance of dew and an otherworldly shine.

Glow Garden Face Palette embodies the fascination for strobing with two highlighters and a bright blusher. Characterised by a multi-reflective finish, they are silky and layered when applied, so as to enrich the face make-up with cast light and divine reflections.

The texture is enriched with Argan oil with a hydrating effect that ensures easy application and nuances and Vitamin E with known antioxidant properties.

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Be sinful, be you.

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