Astra Make-Up da sempre consapevole delle proprie responsabilità sociali e ambientali, ha da tempo intrapreso un virtuoso percorso integrando la sostenibilità nella propria strategia aziendale, con l'obiettivo di concretizzare importanti impegni in ambito di Corporate Social Responsibility.

Un approccio condiviso da tutti i collaboratori, clienti, fornitori e chiaramente da tutta l’azienda in generale.


All our cosmetics are devised, studied and designed in the heart of Umbria, where uncontaminated nature reigns radiantly and enchantingly, stimulating the mind, body and soul throughout all the creative processes.
Furthermore, also thanks to the expertise of the best Italian and European suppliers, we can boast an open concept of Made in Italy, in full compliance with a business model that considers both local and global technologies and processes.
Packaging forms a fundamental aspect in our products, and consists of an important element which our research is based on, in order to offer a product that is always innovative and in line with market trends. The materials, selected according to thorough quality standards, guarantee safety, performance and preservation of the cosmetic product in its entirety.



The commitment to equal opportunities and diversity in all its forms. “Inclusiveness” and “diversity” are some of the terms that Astra Make-Up intends to embrace with greater determination in the future of beauty.
A new way of understanding beauty and self-care, which focuses on individuality and personal characteristics, going beyond the “ugly” and “beautiful” categories. After all, Astra Make-Up has always offered a luxury that is accessible to all, and intends to continue with a multicultural approach, beyond any barrier.
Constant attention to training so as to improve the skills of their employees, but also to the recruitment of new resources. For Astra, the conscious investment in young local resources, who have adequate skills and high training, means to continue to increase the territorial value. Furthermore, the relative enhancement of generational differences and continuous training constitute one of the axes of the in-house philosophy of Astra Make-Up, on which an important value is based: the development of widespread and shared knowledge. Strategic value for productivity and organizational well-being.


Taking the environmental impact into consideration in our investment decisions and the application of sector specific policies.

Astra Make-Up intends to minimize waste as much as possible, with regard to the entire chain, from the packaging phase to the marketing of the cosmetic product.

An example is the elimination of secondary packaging, in order to reduce the waste of paper and cardboard and shorten the production chain. The materials used in the packaging and advertising materials (P.O.P.), such as launch displays, flyers, catalogues and window signs will continue the process of plastic reduction and FSC certification.

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