Energetic and revolutionary, as sparkling as a glass of rosé wine.
And so the famous “La vie en rose” becomes “La vie en cherry”: the audacious hues of cherries and red fruits are the players of Astra’s new collection. Five new mat colors of Hypnotize Liquid Lipstick, for an irresistible and titillating make-up look.

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A hybrid of a pinkish nude and a cool-toned peach color: a soft shade without being obvious. Flattering and wearable yet sassy and brilliant as the Millennial Generation. A smart and comunicative shade, suitable both for balancing a strong eye make-up look and for enhancing an everyday make-up look.
A result from the merge of a perfectly balanced mauve and a light-neutral red, this chameleon-like shade fits any skin tone, enhancing any make-up look with a touch of irreverence. A color that can predict trends and lead fashion.
The perfect symbiosis between a saucy fuchsia and a neon coral shade. The result can make a cheerleader out of any girl: with this lipstick on she can win Prom Queen, with a touch of meanness.
Vivid raspberry color enriched with fuchsia and cool-toned pink accents: audacious as a passional kiss, dedicated to the ones who know what they want and know how to take it. A shade that expresses force of will, resilience and sex-appeal.
0020 - VAMPY
The deep, sensual and languid blackberry color: just like a sensual abyss of perdition this color embodies the power and fascination of voluptuousness. The immortal elegance of dark lips becomes a sophisticated statement.
Be flirty, be you.
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