Astra Make-Up offers the absolute femininity of long eyelashes, wrapped in mascara designed for all needs.
Sensual and intense curves for an irresistible look.

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Volume + length mascara (10ml)
4 Review(s)
Price €2.90
RENEW COLLECTION! The new formula is incredibly fluid, enriched with a mix of vegetable waxes that makes them long and very thick. Castor oil...


Volumizing Mascara (10ml)
5 Review(s)
Price €2.90
RENEW COLLECTION! Big Brush – Amazing Volume Effect for gliding easily on the lashes, leaving them perfectly volumized all day long. The new...

Luxurious Length

Hi-tech extension mascara (8ml)
6 Review(s)
Price €5.90
Deep black – Long lastingThe intense black mascara for defined and extremely long lashes. Ultra-performing formula. Ophtalmologically tested.

Sexy Volume

Hi-volumizing mascara (8ml)
7 Review(s)
Price €5.90
Deep black – Long lasting Spectacular lashes, super volumized. The “hourglass” brush allows to release the ideal quantity of product on every lash.

Gorgeous Curls

Hi-curling mascara (8ml)
6 Review(s)
Price €5.90
Deep Black – Long Lasting Seductive eyes and extreme curling effect thanks to the curved brush made by dual-bristle silicone. Ophtalmologically...

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